How to Adopt:

#1.  See who is available for adoption!  Take a look at our "Available Dogs" page to see who is available.  We try to give as accurate a description of each dogs personality and temperament as well as lots of photos indicating what the dogs appearance is.

#2.  Complete an adoption application
Be specific and honest in your answers to give us the best possible picture of your home and family. A volunteer will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. Due to the high volume of adoption applications received, we use email to communicate initially during the screening process. Please remember to check your email for our response, and if you do not receive a reply to your application within 48 hours, feel free to send us an email.  Sometimes these applications get lost in cyber land!

#3. A home visit will be scheduled.  A home visit is required for final approval of an application and will be done prior to (or at the time of) adoption. The volunteer visiting your home will check your fence and gates for security, and will make sure that there aren't any safety hazards or other concerns within the home. In addition, we want to make sure that any current pets in the home are well cared for and a potential match with the dog being adopted.  All members of the family need to be present at the home visit.

#4. Adoption.  An adoption fee is required for the adoption of a dog. The typical adoption fee for a young, purebred Toy or Miniature Poodle is $200-$300, and up to $500 for a young Standard Poodle. Adoption fees are reduced for older dogs, those with special needs, and mixes.

All dogs adopted are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to going to their new homes. Some dogs have additional health needs, which will be addressed by our veterinarian as necessary. Medical records and a new collar is included with each adoption.

Our dogs are placed on a two week trial period to ensure that best match has been made.  Dogs are returnable and the adoption fee refundable during this trial period.  After the trial period, any dog who can no longer be kept must be returned to Poodles and Pals.  However, our goal is to make a wonderful match for both dog and human that will be "forever".

Geographic Notes:  Poodles and Pals adopts to those living in Western Riverside and Northern San Diego Counties.
Shipping Poodles and Pals will not ship our dogs.