Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care:


The Pet Fund
Assists owners in covering medical costs beyond the normal expenses of vaccination, spay & neuter surgeries, food and routine veterinary care.

Actors and Others For Animals
For residents of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange or Ventura counties in California.

Animal Health Foundation
Applicants must be 65 years old or permanently disabled, and must demonstrate financial need for assistance in providing veterinary care for pets. Applicant must live in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas.

FACE Foundation
For emergencies and critical care, residents of San Diego County only

The Birch Bark Foundation
Help for residents of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties in California.

Red Rover
For urgent veterinary care

Crockett Memorial Fund of Pets in Need
Assistance to those 62 years of age or older to pay for veterinary care, must live in San Mateo or Santa Clara County in California.

Star Fleet Canine Aid Foundation

The Acme Foundation
For qualified low income senior citizens and the disabled in Lake County, California. Due to limited funds The Acme Foundation works with Clearlake Veterinary Clinic only

San Diego Animal Support Foundation

Brown Dog Foundation

The Handicapped Pet Foundation

The Magic Bullet Fund
For dogs with cancer

Pet Assistance Inc.!emergency-aid/c1tyy

The Mosby Foundation

Paws 4 a Cure

Ozzy Foundation

Labrador Harbor
For Labrador retrievers only

Labrador Lifeline
For Labrador retrievers only
Lab Med
For Labrador retrievers only

Pet Assistance Foundation

The San Simon Foundation

Voice for the Animals Foundation

Special Needs Dobermans
For Dobermans only

Pet Samaritan Fund
For Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding area

Westie Med
For Westies only.


 San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium
Vet assistance for the homeless in San Francisco

San Francisco Aid for Animals

San Francisco Aid for Animals
Must use a San Francisco Veterinary Medical Association member.

PAWS   San Francisco
San Francisco residents only

The Chester Foundation
Sacramento, California area residents.

Animal Assistance League of Orange County
Saddleback Valley Humane Society and SPCA
Orange County SPCA

The Angel Fund
The fund assists pet owners in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, with veterinary care when paying for care is challenging or impossible.

Shakespeare Animal Fund
We help elderly, disabled and those whose total income does not exceed the current poverty guidelines to obtain emergency pet care. We pay the veterinarian directly, reducing out of pocket costs for low income pet owners who need to save their pet's life.
Sammie’s Friends
Nevada County, CA

H.E.L.P. A Home for Every Living Pet
Assistance for animals adopted from the Los Angeles City Animal Shelters

Animal Friends of the Valleys
For residents of Rriverside and Ssan Bernardino Ccounties  65 years of age or older.  For dental care, emergency care, lab work, annual exams, vaccinations, euthanasia services, and temporary fostering due to the hospitalization of the pet owner

Lake Tahoe Humane Society
The Onyx and Breezy Foundation
Pets of the Homeless

Riedel & Cody Fund
Cancer care.
Rose’s Fund for Animals
STAR Relief and Pet Assistance
Banfield Charitable Trust

Animal Veterinary Charitable Fund
The Veterinary Care Charitable Fund allows veterinarians, at their personal discretion, the opportunity to provide veterinary care for pets whose owners may be disabled or facing financial hardships, including, but not limited to:
 • Disabled Veterans Requiring a Service Dog
• Low Income Senior Citizens
• Good Samaritans Who Rescue Domesticated Animals
• Victims of Domestic Violence
• Animals Rescued from Neglect and Abuse

Friends & Vets Foundation
Friends & Vets Helping Pets was founded to assist families with financial limitations to pay for extraordinary veterinary expenses necessary to save a pet’s life.

God’s Creatures Ministry

Cody’s Club
Assistance with radiation therapy for cancer
Diabetic Cats in Need

Feline Veterinary Assistance
For vaccine associated sarcoma.

Paws San Diego – a Program of the San Diego Humane Society - 2015 Resource Guide

Care Credit
A credit card company for health/veterinary care. Offers a variety of plans and low monthly payments.

Ideas To Help Pay Veterinary Bills 


  • Ask your Veterinarian about payments over time;
  • Ask if the Veterinarian will accept post dated checks;
  • Find out what the minimum is that can be done that will solve the problem;
  • Get a second opinion re: costs;
  • Borrow from family, friends, bank, etc.;
  • Use equity in your car, home to obtain funds;
  • Cash in or borrow against life insurance policy or stocks;
  • Ask for a salary advance from your employer;
  • Get a second job or work overtime if available;
  • Have a garage sale; sell on eBay, pawn items of value;
  • Ask your church for help;
  • Consolidate high interest credit debt to get cash;
  • Ask local Humane Society or shelter for assistance;
  • Trade services or goods with your Veterinarian;
  • Contact Veterinary Schools;
  • Start a “Pet Emergency Fund” at your bank;
  • If you have a specific breed, some clubs for different breeds offer assistance;
  • If the animal is not yours, ask the Vet for a “Good Samaritan” discount;
  • Ask for a written prescription and fill it at an online pet supply or COSTCO if a human med
  • Ask if the Vet has sample medications to give;
  • Ask your credit card holder to increase your credit limit;
  • If you qualify, ask for a senior discount.