All About Poodles:

From The Poodle Club of America:  "The original Poodles were water dogs used for retrieving. To this day, their conformation and the texture and pattern of their coats reflect the purposes for which they were bred. Miniatures and Toys have been bred down from the larger Poodles and they exhibit the same general characteristics. The Poodle is an active, intelligent, ruggedly-built dog which is at the same time elegant and refined. Well-bred Poodles in all three varieties have steady, calm nerves, hardy constitutions and they can be easily trained. A Poodle is a "person" and he expects to be treated as one. Each one is a character and for that reason they make wonderful companions.

A Poodle should be a member of the family. Prospective owners of Poodles should be equipped to provide a fenced-in area in which the Poodle can exercise or be prepared to walk the Poodle regularly on a leash. Poodles permitted to roam are likely to be stolen or killed. Poodles require regular clipping and grooming; a dexterous owner can readily learn how to groom his own dog or he can take the Poodle to a professional grooming shop. Poodles are not finicky eaters, unless made so by indulgent owners. They thrive on simple, prepared dog foods."

Poodles are known for their superior intelligence and exceptional learning ability!  Depending on the list you are reading, they are typically #1 or #2 of the most intelligent dog breeds. 

Poodles are highly versatile!  They can excel at obedience, agility, rally, tracking, hunting and of course in the conformation ring!  But, by far, their best ability is that of a wonderful companion.

Interested in Learning How to Groom Your Poodle?:

Nash Groomer's Reference

Jodi Murphy Master Pet Stylist

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